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Global football consulting solutions.

We represent a new approach to football recruitment and management. We have developed a core team of diverse backgrounds and deep expertise to offer comprehensive consultancy services like no other.

Explore a selection of our featured solutions.


Advanced Player Identification & Targeting

Identifies a pre-determined number of viable recruitment candidates considering a club's scouting capabilities and any directed parameters - price, geography, characteristics, etc. Leverages The Scouted Hub’s proprietary data models as well as its worldwide scouting network.  We understand each club has its parameters and will work in concert with your recruitment team to identify players that fit into your budget, tactics, and culture.  You let us know your specifications and we’ll find you the talent that makes sense for your club.

Service Type
Report. (Pricing is adaptable to combination of parameters provided).


Talent Acquisition & Contract Negotiation Support

Provides a variety of independently derived information to give clubs an advantage in negotiating transfer / loan fees as well as contract awards and renewals.  We believe that every club should do it’s due diligence before entering into a contract negotiation with a player.  The Scouted Hub can provide you independent insight into critical information such as a player’s market value and potential sales price, anticipated wage demands, estimated impact on team performance, estimated impact on revenue generation (for more marketable players) and estimated replacement player costs.  We can help you know when to move forward with a player, push harder in a negotiation, or walk away.

Service Type


Talent Divestment

Helps clubs in making better decisions and maximising potential immediate and future returns from selling or loaning players. Proprietary methodologies are used to match players and clubs on a variety of Sporting, Financial, and Lifestyle factors. It can help create a market for older departures to drive up incoming fees or find the right development environment for outgoing younger talents to maximise future sell-on fees and club brand equity or to further development for a loanee.

Service Type



Delivers independent feedback on the existing club talent pool to identify areas of surplus and prioritise areas of greatest need by utilising a combination of research, data analysis, and scouting.  Whether your club wants to continue with its existing tactical systems or make a change, you give us the parameters and our team of talented scouts and data analysts we’ll give you an independent assessment of your talent pool.  The Scouted Hub can deliver feedback in a variety of options and, consistent with our commitment to transparency and partnership, is happy to work with your recruitment team and walk through our complete analysis together.

Service Type
Report. (Evaluation of individual performances also available)


Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading global football consultancy by working in partnership with select clients to achieve success both on and off the football pitch.


Who are we

The Scouted Hub is a full-service consultancy that utilises a mix of statistical innovation, comprehensive scouting, and tactical nous to deliver optimal resolutions for recruitment problems and beyond at professional football clubs worldwide.


Our Team

We employ talent from all over the world with intimate knowledge of players, leagues, club organisations, tactical innovations, emerging data models, and even new business arrangements,

Arrange a consultation with our team

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