Football Philosophy. Why it is important and how it can drive success on and off the football pitch

Some call it an identity. Some refer to it as a brand. While it’s known by many names, a Football Philosophy is a foundational element for any club that is often overlooked. But the establishment and integration of a proper football philosophy (or lack thereof) can have dramatic effects at all levels of a football organisation, from the board room to the individual choices fans make every day.

A football philosophy is really no different than any corporate mission or identity. And like any corporate entity, the best organisations are often those that not only choose the proper identity, but also ensure it permeates throughout the organisation. While one may debate the merits of famed management consultant Peter Drucker’s famous phrase “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, the benefits of establishing a proper culture is key to any organisation’s success.

Peter Drucker, Austrian-American management consultant, educator and author.