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So, what makes us different to everything else out there?

The Scouted Hub is a multimedia content creator for football industry clients, as well as for those seeking inside information, and that little bit of extra detail. 

We specialise in the observation of player development, with an emphasis on scouting footballers of all levels and tracking their development through their careers; but we also feature first-person narratives, showcasing a side of the game often hidden from view, as well as long-form features offering detailed, researched opinion and hard-hitting news.

Our aim is to redefine football journalism, bridging the previously irreconcilable gap between genuine game intelligence and decades of collected journalistic expertise. Bringing this redefinition to you is our dynamic, multi-skilled team - our collective of high-quality content producers offers experience from reputable names such as The Financial Times, The Guardian, UEFA, These Football Times, No Place Like Home, In Bed With Maradona, RowZ, and The Short Pass. 

In combination with our valued clients and partners – clubs such as SL Benfica, and FK Vojvodina from Serbia; organisations such as the International Professional Scouting Organisation; companies such as Instat, one of the leading providers of scouting software to professional clubs on five continents; and storytellers from within football, such as scouts, coaches, and other experts – our work offers a unique view into the stories behind the sport, a direct connection to the nuts and bolts of the beautiful game.

Simply put, we produce football content for football people that puts the audience right at the heart of the action.

Welcome to a new perspective. Welcome to The Scouted Hub.