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What is The Scouted

The Scouted Hub is a full-service consultancy that utilises a mix of statistical innovation, comprehensive scouting, and tactical nous to deliver optimal resolutions for recruitment problems and beyond at professional football clubs worldwide.

We employ experts from around the globe with a variety of backgrounds that can provide our clients an entire worldwide scouting and recruitment function for a fraction of the cost of a traditional operation.

What is our

Our mission is to become the leading global football consultancy by working in partnership with select clients to achieve success both on and off the football pitch.

We employ a wide variety of individuals with skillsets and knowledge from around the world to develop insight beyond the traditional football model.

However, what we are all about at The Scouted Hub is bringing the different aspects of the football business together to gain insights and efficiencies across lines of business that other firms cannot.


What makes us different to our competitors?

We work best as a long-term partner, an external provider that exists within the direction and vision of a club. We align ourselves best with sustainable projects, building and implementing strategies with clubs. High in demand, we work alongside clubs of varying stature and financial prowess, catering for all requirements. 

Not all clubs are the same, and we offer tailor-made packages to suit the client. This process is about clarity and communication. The whole product thrives when expectations are clear, and the goals thought out and realistic over a long-term business plan. This model will bring results when trusted and deliver consistent improvement to many areas of a club.

The majority within our industry focus solely on the immediate impact and first-team, working on a strategy that may or may not yield short-term rewards in an overhaul of the current format. The Scouted Hub is different, and has earned its reputation by allowing for steady growth in the right areas, building for the future and not just the present.

Who do we 

We employ talent from all over the world with intimate knowledge of players, leagues, club organisations, tactical innovations, emerging data models, and even new business arrangements

We bring the best practices of football organisations across the globe under a collaborative environment in order to fuel cutting edge innovation to solve football organisation’s most complex problems.

Leagues and companies we have worked with.

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