Post Window Review: Intriguing Transfers and Trends from around the world...

At The Scouted Hub we are always intrigued at the number of deals during the various world transfer windows, and the last few months have been no exception. However, there are always a couple of transactions that stand out to us for various reasons.

It could be the uniqueness of the deal structure or maybe that it represents a new regional trend. Or it could simply be a player we feel has been overlooked. Regardless, we wanted to highlight some of what we believe are the most intriguing transfers that have occurred in this latest window.


Diego Rossi, LAFC to Fenerbahçe - The constant evolution of MLS.

The vast majority of younger talented player sales in MLS have been American players, driven mainly by rules changes several years ago for homegrown players. Rossi would be one of the first young international players to leave and take advantage of the rule changes first implemented prior to the 2020 season that allows MLS clubs to profit more from the selling of foreign and domestic players. These changes, as well as others including the U-22 Initiative, have seen an increase in buying younger talents, especially from S